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Dedicated Wildlife Rescue Vehicle - Our Main Fundraising Goal

Dedicated Wildlife Rescue Vehicle - Our Main Fundraising Goal

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GOAL ACHIEVED! Read our Blog Post Update on this here, and view our 2024 Fundraising Goal Here.

Rescuing snared animals requires input from dedicated people from various disciplines. These operations can be at any time of day or night and in inaccessible terrain.

To get to these animals and to undertake snare sweeps we are in need of a rugged 4x4 vehicle - our main goal for this website is to raise enough money to purchase one for the foundation.

The rescue vehicle will be equipped with the necessary rescue equipment, veterinary medical supplies, recovery equipment and emergency equipment. This is vitally important to conduct wildlife rescues.

The Challenge

Snared, injured or wildlife in distress is often in very inaccessible areas and far from formal roads. Time is of the essence to reach the animal to effect the removal of the snare, treat any injuries and wounds that may have resulted from snares or from an animal in distress due to non-natural causes. Snares sometimes break off so tracking and reaching the animal before further injuries happen is vital.

Our Solution

A capable 4x4 double-cab vehicle is the ideal solution! This would enable tracking as well as re-location which is sometimes required for urban wildlife - we recently relocated a young male hippopotamus to a more suitable wild area away from town. Critical equipment required will be able to be transported to affected wildlife quickly. A winch will enable larger animals to be loaded onto a trailer when relocation is required or to assist in pulling large or heavy animals out of mud or holes.

Long-Term Impact

Many more animals will be in a position to be helped and our reach extended to areas that we struggle to access at the moment as well as reducing reaction time to reach distressed animals. The vehicle would also be used in community outreach to educate people about snaring as well as other impacts that human activity has on the natural environment. Assistance can be given to other reserves and conservation authorities whom are limited also due to vehicle, equipment and financial constraints.

The cost of a new vehicle and the accessories we require is approximately R650,000 ZAR or $36,000 USD - we have broken up the cost into different percentages of the total amount required.

Thank you for helping us to reach our goal!

Even though we have reached this goal, you can still donate to PNHF via this page and it will go towards our next Fundraising Goal.

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