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Wildlife Tracking Collars - Our Main Fundraising Goal for 2024

Wildlife Tracking Collars - Our Main Fundraising Goal for 2024

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As a follow up to our successful 2023 Vehicle Fundraising Initiative, please join us in our crucial mission for 2024, as we embark on a vital partnership with the Endangered Wildlife Trust to spearhead an initiative that builds on protecting our endangered wildlife!


In collaboration with the Endangered Wildlife Trust, our goal is to finance the equipping of 5 spotted hyenas and 5 lions with tracking collars,  an extension of a larger project focused on analysing vulture feeding patterns.

The data collected through the tracking of these animals are crucial for their protection and serve as an advanced alert mechanism for identifying instances of poaching, the presence of snare lines, and poisoned carcasses.

This CRUCIAL study engages both local communities and scientific researchers in efforts to curb poaching and the use of poisons.

With a fundraising goal of $15,000, we stand on the brink of making a significant impact.

As at April 2024, PNHF have already Collared:

  • 1 Spotted Hyena that was caught in a snare
  • 1 Lion
  • 1 Lionness

So we are already on our way to achieving a goal!


Across a significant portion of their natural habitats, Spotted Hyenas and Lions are targeted and harmed through poisoning or trapping, primarily to cater to the demands of the illegal traditional medicine markets in local and Asian regions.

The challenge of rapidly detecting and addressing these incidents of poaching, with the aim of rescuing any animals that survive or reducing the chances of further harm to others, becomes formidable in the absence of satellite tracking data.


Equipping these animals with satellite/VHF collars will facilitate swift action in instances of suspected poisoning or snaring. Such timely interventions have the potential to prevent the animals from succumbing to poison or entrapment.

The feeding patterns of both lions and hyenas yield valuable insights into the locations of snare lines, where other prey are frequently captured and killed by poachers, drawing the attention of these predators.

This crucial information aids in the identification and eradication of these deadly traps.

Long-Term Impact

The long-term benefits of this project are profound:

  • A decisive decrease in poaching and poisoning incidents.
  • A significant reduction in human-wildlife conflicts, safeguarding both communities and wildlife.
  • The revival of lion and spotted hyena populations in our targeted areas, crucial for ecological balance.
  • The restoration of natural habitats, promoting biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.
  • An increase in tourism opportunities, bringing economic benefits and further raising awareness of our conservation efforts.

This is more than a conservation project; it's a commitment to the future.

Your support can catalyse change, fostering an environment where wildlife thrives.

Together, we can turn the tide for these iconic species and ensure they remain a part of our world's natural heritage.

Join us in making a difference—donate today and be part of a movement that values and protects our planet's precious wildlife.

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