2023 Vehicle Fundraising Goal Achieved - Thank you to all that donated!

2023 Vehicle Fundraising Goal Achieved - Thank you to all that donated!

In 2023 we set a rather large goal of Fundraising for a new 4x4 vehicle that is dedicated to assisting PNHF with Animal Rescues and our other Conservation work.

We are excited to announce that we have raised the funds and have acquired our new Animal Rescue Vehicle:

We managed to buy a well looked after Ford Ranger double cab 4x4 that has already proved its capabilities and value in the field. 

This vehicle is already enabling us to do our work more effectively, especially with  being able to reach poaching scenes and animals that need to be rescue in rough terrain where a 4x4 vehicle is required and to transport team members and equipment.

Snared, injured or wildlife in distress is often in very inaccessible areas and far from formal roads.

Time is of the essence to reach the animal to effect the removal of the snare, treat any injuries and wounds that may have resulted from snares or from an animal in distress due to non-natural causes. Snares sometimes break off so tracking and reaching the animal before further injuries happen is vital.

Thank you very much for everyone that supported us by donating or sharing our fundraising posts.

Special thanks to the following angels that made it possible for us to reach our goal:

  • Ligman Lighting USA
  • Liz and Neill Gillies
  • Jacqueline Rouff
  • Bryan Kuppers
  • Ed Rakhorst
  • Warren Bader
  • Lynn and Bruce Gibson Family Foundation
  • Jazmin Perez Millete
  • Joyce Murdoch
  • Susan and Theron Spray
  • Donna Depee

Our new PNHF Rescue Vehicle will help us in deploying our 2024 Fundraising Goal for Wildlife Research Tracking Collars which will help us dismantle the illegal wildlife trade.

We aim to fund the collaring of 5 spotted hyenas and 5 lions as part of an expanded project that monitors vulture feeding data - learn more and help us reach our goal here!

Thank you again to everyone that helped us reach our Vehicle Fundraising Goal, together we will all make a positive impact for wildlife!

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