Rescuing a kudu bull from a snare

Rescuing a kudu bull from a snare

Recently PNHF received a phone call from the general manager of Balule Private Nature Reserve about a kudu bull with a snare walking in an area outside their reserve, they requested assistance to try and help the animal.

We jumped into action and an hour later the kudu was on the ground after wildlife veterinarian Dr, Ben Muller from Wildscapes Veterinary Services did his magic and got a dart in while on foot!

We removed the snare and the prognosis is good, we are hopeful that the kudu will make a full recovery.

We would like to thank everyone that assisted with the operation, teamwork makes the dream work💪🏼


PNHF team sitting with kudu bull after removing the snare

Vet treating the wound caused by the snare

Snare stuck around the kudu bull's foot

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