Poisoned Buffalo Kills 21 Endangered Vultures

Poisoned Buffalo Kills 21 Endangered Vultures

While out on a snare sweep in early June 2023 we discovered a buffalo that was killed in a snare.

Poachers had come across the carcass and laced it with poison. 

A common intention with these acts is to kill large predators like Lions, for the illegal black market and traditional medicine trade.

There were a number of animals that ate from the carcass and we ended up finding 21 poisoned Vultures, all unfortunately already dead.

South Africa's Vultures are endangered and protected as they are a vitally important species in the ecosystem and need all the protection they can get.

Imagine not being able to see sunrises or sunsets without vultures sitting on a dead tree silhouetted against the fiery African sky….. that would be a sad day indeed!

If you want to contribute to vulture protection, support organisations like the Endangered Wildlife Trust who is doing amazing work in vultures.

 Taking Photographic Evidence of Poisoned Vultures

Vultures Bones with Evidence Markers

Vultures Bones with Evidence Markers 2

Vultures Skull - Poisoned

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Vulture Take Off Photo

Vultures eating a dead buffalo carcass

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