Always Expect the Unexpected - Double Lion Rescue (1 Planned, 1 Unplanned)

Always Expect the Unexpected - Double Lion Rescue (1 Planned, 1 Unplanned)


Last night we were called to a property to assist in re-capturing a loose lion.

The lion was reported on a very busy main road.

During our search operation for the lion however we incidentally came across a second lion that was not the reported lion loose on the same road 🫣

With a collaborative community effort the lion was successfully captured.

Alongside veterinary professionals we worked to slow traffic until he could be safely darted on the road side and we could load him onto the back of a vehicle to be transported home.

For our international followers this idea might seem a bit strange returning a lion to where it came.

Unlike surrounding African countries South Africa and particularly the Lowveld works as managed wildlife reserves meaning large areas are fenced and owned by various organizations or people.

This can be for a number of reasons but lions like this are often part of important pride both genetically and their overall impact on the environment is important.

To many predators in one area can be detrimental to the population of other animals and plants not only this but managed reserves like this ensures a greater safety to wildlife from human wildlife conflict and poachers in these unpredictable times.

We would like to show gratitude and thank everyone involved late last night especially GKEPF, Balule Nature Reserve, wildlife veterinarian Dr, Günther Nowak, Ian Nowak, Logan van Zyl, Phillip Louw and John Davies.

You can read about this on the Letaba Herald by clicking here 


Lion Paw from rescued lion
Sedated Rescued Lion
Sedated Lion that is being recued
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